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Disclaimer: The Employee Information Pack has been written to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered in it. It is provided with the understanding that the writer is not engaged in rendering legal advice. If legal advice is required the services of a qualified professional should be sought. All decisions taken are at your own risk.                      

Problems at work?

Get employment rights help and advice fast and easily!

Welcome, my name is Mark Williams and I have developed this website to help employees who have problems at work.


When I had my own problems at work I searched the internet for help, but all I found were dozens of sites from employment lawyers, management consultants and HR gurus offering advice to employers on how best to dismiss their staff!


I have produced this website to help redress the balance for employees. I have no political axes to grind but I do believe in a sense of fair play and in helping people who have been badly treated, bullied or discriminated against at work.  


I have produced a detailed information pack to help employees through the processes of written warnings, disciplinaries, appeals, dismissal, filing for a tribunal, tribunals and negotiating the best possible out of court settlements. A particularly popular section of the pack covers how to write an appeal letter against a written warning.


When you have the information contained in my pack you will realise that your situation, although potentially serious, is controllable, negotiable and more likely than not, winnable.


The pack draws on my experience from my 15 month battle with my employer both of what I did right and of what I did wrongly. It comments on the union and legal advice which I received as well as drawing on the considerable research I have done.


In addition it contains links to many useful resources and is packed full of ideas for winning tactics and techniques that you could adopt. Please see the section headings for a more detailed view of what the pack contains. I hope that you buy the pack and in so doing realize the full extent of your employment rights and how to exercise them.


Whilst written from a UK perspective, well over 95% of the pack is equally applicable to other countries accross the globe. The principles, practices, tactics and techniques  that you need to understand in order to defend yourself are universal.


Mark Williams

Strategic Overview

Trouble at Work?

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Global principles, internationally applicable.

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Sources of Help

1.) Consult an employment lawyer local to you.


2.) Take trade union advice.


3.) Learn from someone who has gone through what you are going through - buy my pack.


Mark says "By using all three sources above, you will maximise your chances of success."